About David Roth


Hello and a pleasure meeting everyone,

I am from New York, born and raised in Suffolk County on Long Island. Currently residing in Southeastern, C.T. I am 59 years old and Co-Head Tennis Teaching Professional and Director of Adult Programming Lyme Shores Racquet Club in East Lyme, Connecticut. At this stage of my life I am looking to find a balance of quality of life and pursuing my passion of teaching tennis, coaching, and writing. I have a loving, wonderful, and supportive wife. Her name is Deb.


Growing up I was raised in a Jewish household with my sister who is 5 years younger than me. My Mom was Catholic, and my Dad was an Orthodox Jew. I had my Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13. I played baseball from 5 to 12 years of age and got into tennis full time at 13. I have 2 fabulous nephews, 23 and 21 respectively, and we communicate regularly. I always loved playing sports and it taught me many quality life lessons. Formerly a nationally ranked player and I still compete and play tennis with Deb on U.S.T.A. teams.

Unfortunately, like most people my age I have been divorced more than once and have had my share of challenges throughout life. They have helped me to learn about myself, grow as a person, and build character. The challenges have made me the person I am today. They have enabled me to fall in loved again, and remarry with Deb. My Faith helps guide me and I have had the pleasure, over the last 15 years, of providing daily scriptures to my family, friends, and ex colleagues. I am grateful I can impact people’s lives in a positive way every day.

Over my career I have run my own business as a Tennis Director at three prestigious facilities. Triangle Tennis in Southampton, New York, Port Jefferson Tennis and Golf Country Club (Harbor Hills) in Port Jefferson, New York, and World Gym Racquet & Sports Arena in Setauket, New York. I had a change of career at 40 and entered the corporate world for 8 years as a General/Operations Manager for a global on Demand content management company. Living and traveling around the country. Very enlightening and I had a great mentor and learned a lot about leadership. Then I changed careers again at 53 and got into the automobile industry. I became a Business Development Center Director for a multiple franchise auto group doing digital marketing and sales. Once again in 2019 migrating back to the sport of tennis, my passion. 



All of life’s experiences has helped me learn about myself and helped me to grow as a person. I have always loved to teach and coach whether in sport or business. I love to try and inspire people, help them succeed, and watch them improve at whatever they are trying to accomplish. Both my Mom and Dad provided me with some great insight and qualities for which I am grateful. I try everyday to pass them along as I move through life’s journey. People come in to our lives for a reason. I try to be loving, kind, understanding, respectful. Say good morning and thank you more than you should. I wake up every day and try to do a little better than the day before. Don’t take things for granted. I am grateful, thankful, and blessed for where I am today and with whom I am with. It is a privilege to be able to share.

I am happy to connect and share thoughts and listen to feedback.

Live Life Well…