10sPhilo is simply the philosophy of tennis. Coaching students of all levels and watching them improve through basic fundamentals and beyond. By helping students understand what they are capable of through a positive mindset they can enjoy the game playing recreationally or during competition. Observe, Recognize, and Problem solve. Playing high percentage tennis by incorporating shot selection based on court position.

Keep it Simple! Play Smarter not Harder! Enjoy the Game!

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David Roth

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David Roth

Director of Tennis. Head tennis professional of adult programming at Lyme Shores racquet Club in East Lyme, Connecticut.

Please contact me at lsrcheadpros@gmail.com for more information about our club. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Coaching students of all levels and watching them improve through basic fundamentals and beyond. By helping students understand what they are capable of through a positive mindset they can enjoy the game playing recreationally or during competition. The information in  3 Simple Steps to Improve your Tennis is designed to help recreational players improve their tennis game by adjusting their thought process, having a realistic expectation of their skills, and keeping a more positive mindset on the tennis court. I have experienced and passionately believe that players can improve their game during match play.

David Roth

About Me

Testimonials, here is what industry colleagues and students are saying.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know David as a tennis professional. I’ve been playing for nearly 30 years at the 3.5/4.0 level and have taken lessons from many terrific coaches but I found David’s no nonsense, keep it simple approach resonated totally with me. He took the skills that I already and developed them quickly and easily. My match mindset immediately improved, as did my results. So cool to be able to identify one or two things to tweak that makes such a big difference. What’s really cool is that this actually does work virtually because of the availability of easy videography on our cell phones.
And frankly he’s just such a good listener and knows what questions to ask to figure out where the problems lie.

Deb Chamberlain, Business Growth Manager, Southern New England, Remax/Integra

I coached David from age 12 through his college experience. I have successfully coached over 200 college players, 30 and 27 Suffolk County,N.Y. singles and doubles champions, respectively. Several D1 nationally ranked players and high school championship teams as well. David was among my top students ever. His work ethic, curiosity, and great personality destined him to become a top student and teacher of the game. We also enjoyed playing on our club’s 5.0 U.S.T.A team together. He was instrumental in helping my son become an Academic All American playing on the Williams college tennis team.

Chris Bevelander –Certified U.S.P.T.R tennis teaching professional. Coaching and teaching tennis for over 50 years. Math teacher for 30 plus years and studied biomechanics.

As a junior tennis player, David's coaching philosophy helped me get into the top 10 in my age group and eventually go on to play Division III tennis. His down to earth approach can help any player improve in their play!

Thane Schweyer, Sports Business and Program Specialist and former student

David and I have known each other for over 15 years. We are tennis colleagues but most importantly family friends. We worked together at Long Island Health and Racquet. I worked for David when he was the Director and he worked for me when he returned to coach when I was the Director. He has developed players and adults at all levels to play competitively or just recreationally. He understands the game extremely well. He has had great experiences teaching special needs children and always enjoyed working with juniors in my academy. He is a passionate about teaching and coaching.

Tito Perez, Long Island Health & Racquet GM/GSM Director of Tennis PTR Regional Center Director USTA Eastern Clinician

David and I have been in the tennis industry together for over 25 years. We have worked together at World Gym Racquet & Sports Arena in East Setauket, New York for a period of time. He became Director of Tennis and had great success developing high school, college, and tournament players over the years. We have played on championship teams together and have had a great friendly competitive rivalry over the years. I wish you all the best in your new business venture with Digital Life Ride.

Russell Heier, certified USPTA tennis teaching professional over 30 years. Multiple National team tournament championships.

I trained exclusively with Dave from about 12 to 17 years old. With no prior tennis training, he coached me up to be an All-State high-school and NCAA D3 player. We worked on everything from stroke basics & footwork, through strategy, conditioning, and mindset. I still think about his teachings every time I step on the court. Of the court, I view him as a mentor and calming presence who helped guide me through some difficult teenage years. He’s a wealth of wisdom and just an overall good guy who genuinely looks to help people however he can (not just tennis). Highly recommend!

Justin Giannone, CSO at Edge Electronics and former student

David! Congratulations on this new endeavor!! You are a true professional and I always enjoyed working with you! I am sure you will succeed as always and cant wait to continue to follow you in this new adventure!

Lisa Perry, Licensed associate real estate broker, former General Manager of World Gym Racquet & Sports Arena

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